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    Supply of Boiler feed pump recirculation Valve. In a first of its kind venture in India, MIL successfully developed and tested BFP Min RC valve for Jaypee Nigrie 2 X 660MW Super Thermal Power Project against order from L & T Power Division, Baroda. The design …Learn More

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    HBE HPM Automatic Recirculation Valve ASME Class 600-2500 Introduction The HPM Series Automatic Recirculation Valve was developed for high pressure centrifugal pump protection. Popular applications include boiler feed water, petroleum fluids, and steel mill hot strip descale water. The HPM provides economical and reliable protection against low andLearn More

  • Boiler Feed Water Pump Working Principle and Operation

    The automatic recirculation or minimum flow valve is a special form of lift check valve installed downstream of boiler feed pumps. It ensures a minimum flow rate in …Learn More

  • Technical requirements for boiler deaeration feed water pump

    Sep 15, 2021 · The boiler feed water delivered by the deaerator feedwater pump is saturated water under a certain pressure, and the temperature is high, and it is easy to vaporize at the inlet of the feedwater pump, which will cause cavitation and cause the water outflow to be interrupted.Learn More

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    Sep 22, 2015 · Boiler feed pump recirculation valve problem. 1. Prepared by KODANDAPANI VUDUGUNDLA ADE/TURBINE MAINTENANCE/RTPP. 2., RC Valve Details Type : CCI Drag 100DR 4X4 GLOBE VALVE Pr class 2500 ANSI Design pr -320kg/cm2, Temp-180C Max seat leakage-5cc/min valve Trim -24 stage disc stack. 3.Learn More

  • Automatic Recirculation Valve: Working Principle

    Check: The automatic recirculation valve also provides a check valve effect that prevents the liquid backflow to the pump body. Applications of Automatic Recirculation Valve A common application is to protect pumps that handle hot water for boiler feeding or cooling water plants, where partial evaporation of the water content might otherwise Learn More

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    minimum flow requirements of the boiler feed-pump. Fisher boiler feedpump recirculation valves pro-tect the feedpump by ensuring adequate flow is passing through the pump at all times. They are engineered to handle extreme cavitation caused by high temperatures and pressure drops. Where issues with flow accelerated corrosion exist, Fisher Learn More

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    BOILER FEED PUMP CARTRIDGE Open manual recirculation valve at deaerator and ensure recirculation control valve is open. Also ensure air supply to recirculation control valve. 9. Crack open suction and observe the discharge through the vents. Close the vent valves after venting is over.Learn More

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    The BFP recirculation line is taken from the pump discharge ahead of the discharge valve and returned through the recirculation valve to a deaerator where the BFP has suction (see Figure III/6.2-1 and III/6.2-2).There are various BFP sizes, types, and unit sizes, as well as variations in controls. Generally, in power plants up to 200 MW (there are modulating types of controls for unit size Learn More

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    HPM Series Automatic Recirculation Valve. Developed for high pressure centrifugal pump protection. Popular applications include boiler feed water, petroleum, and steel mill hot strip descale water. The HPM provides economical and reliable protection for low and reverse flow.Learn More


    Jan 31, 2018 · 10. Open the feed pump discharged valve and take the flow as per requirement in boiler. 11. Check recirculation valve operation after sufficient discharge flow is maintained. ROUTINE CHECKS OF BOILER FEED PUMP. 1. For a pump which is continuous in service, check the following every hours 2.Learn More

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    Boiler Feed Pump - an overview | ScienceDirect TopicsLearn More

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    Sep 15, 2005 · Any recommendations for a Boiler Feed Recirculation Valve. Will need to Recirculate back to the DA through a 2" pipe. Boiler Max Load 30,000 lbs per hr. Min Load 6000 Lbs per hr. Customer wants to maintain 450psi at boiler inlet control. Drum pressure 340psi. Estimated recirculation would …Learn More

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    Feb 04, 2005 · If your BFW pumps could be set up for staged operation, then the recirculation valves would not be subjected to as many hours of operation. For example, normal operation of 2 or 3 BFW pumps would be reduced to one pump for the low load night hours. This would save energy as well as the recirculation valve wear. The idled pumps could be kept Learn More

  • Automatic Recirculation Valve: Working Principle

    Jul 01, 1995 · The new design boiler feed pump recirculation valves were installed during a four-week Unit 3 scheduled outage in the Spring of 1992. At that time, the valves …Learn More

  • Boiler Feedwater Pump Recirculation Control

    BOILER FEED PUMPS - Control Specialties. Dec 09, 2019 · Boiler Evaporation Rate 10,350 lb/hr = 20.7 gpm (10350/500) For an off/on boiler feed pump the pump should be sized for 2:1 of the required boiler evaporation rate. For modulating feedwater control the ratio would 1.5:1. For on/off control the required maximum on the pump = 41.4 gpm (2 X Learn More

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    Oct 09, 2019 · Responsive and repeatable control of the Boiler Feedwater Recirculation (BFR) Valve protects a plant's investment in the boiler feedpump while allowing it to deliver the required flow to the boiler. The feedwater recirculation valve is responsible for taking almost a …Learn More

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    Boiler Feedpump Recirculation Valve As general purpose, PX Power Station Series valves are used for either throttling or on-off control of a wide variety of liquids and gases. The products can be applied to electric power, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, paper making, light industry, food, electronic industries.Learn More

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    Valve for thermoelectric power plant / nuclear power plant manufacturer, Gate valve, Globe valve, Check valve, Control valve and more Installed in recirculation system to prevent BFWP from overheat 2. Boiler Feed Water Pump Minimum Flow Control Valves. Special Valve. Turbine Blowdown Valve. Special Valve.Learn More